Whether you are redecorating your house or preserving original artwork, Frame Gallery Inc. is the place to go for custom framing.  Our huge frame selection and knowledgeable design staff can help you with any framing project.  The right picture frame will create a perfect package, complementing the art while enhancing the area in which it is displayed.  Along with our residential customers, we also fulfill the diverse requirements of design professionals and commercial/institutional clients.


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By framing prints of your favorite artist, personal mementos or family photographs, you can create unique and meaningful wall displays that will enhance your home.  We offer more than 2500 different frames and more than 1000 types of matboard for your special picture framing project.  Our Certified Picture Framers® can give you several suggestions for creating unique and personal displays as well as tips for arranging them in a way that presents each piece at its best.


Framed artwork provides the finishing touches for building interiors, enhances your company image, and creates a productive and professional work environment.  Frame Gallery Inc. provides creative design consultation and quality custom framing for commercial and institutional clients. Our digital framing preview assists in the design process and minimizes turn-around time. We also offer our local picture hanging service and art delivery for your convenience. Please contact us for more information regarding your specific project.

Design Professionals

Frame Gallery Inc. has over 37 years working with architects, interior designers, space planners and decorators.  Our Certified Picture Framers® provide knowledgeable assistance with art and frame selection appropriate for the design requirements of your project, and offer a flexible working relationship suited to your needs.  BY monitoring current design trends we constantly strive to find and use new products and techniques including the use of textures, colors, and embellishments in our custom framing work.  We provide custom framing, onsite consultants, digital printing, art consultation, and secure installation.


Our Certifications

Frame Gallery Inc. is the only custom picture framing shop in the tri-state area with three Certified Picture Framers® on staff.  The CPF designation is a standard of excellence that can be trusted throughout the custom picture framing industry.  To achieve the CPF certification from the PPFA, you must pass a rigorous, multi part exam and complete a recertification course every four years.  As the professional trade association for the custom framing industry, PPFA provides a network of knowledge and support.  PPFA establishes best practices for framing, education, certification, and business services to the industry.  Our 57 years of framing experience and our Certified Picture Framer® certifications by the Professional Picture Framers Association enables us to provide a unique and knowledgeable perspective on the framing process.

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Picture Frame Hanging Tips

Modern tastefully decorated living room

Single pieces offer a lot of flexibility, but there are still general guidelines that will help your presentations. Typically the frame should not be longer than the furniture piece below it, although this is not a firm rule. Avoid heavy frames over dainty furniture or petite framing over massive furniture to create balance. In small spaces avoid overly dramatic art that is best viewed from a distance and in a large space choose a piece that can be seen and enjoyed from across the room.

Pairs can be hung side by side or one over the other. Consider the wall space when making your decision. In rooms with long walls and low ceilings, hang them beside each other. In a two story room to fill some of the vertical space, hang one on top of the other. Pairs do not have to be placed immediately adjacent to one another. You can hang one piece on each side of a mirror or tall piece of furniture. Pairs can also be split to become the outermost pieces of a grouping.

picture hanging tips

Matched sets of framed art are usually framed identically and hung in an organized fashion on the wall. These types of groupings often end up in a grid with perfect spacing. Stairway walls are wonderful for displaying sets. Simply shift your rows so they progress up the wall at the same angle as the stairs. You can also divide sets. For example, hang half on each side of an armoire.

Unlike matched sets of art, this might be something like a collection of landscape paintings, family photos, etc. In this case, frame them to suit each piece of art and hang them in a less structured way. If you may want to add to your collection, this type of arrangement makes it easier to add pieces in the future. Whether you prefer symmetry or choose an asymmetrical arrangement, it pays to create a pleasing balance of colors, sizes, styles, and textures so one side doesn’t overpower the other

It has become highly fashionable to lean framed art. This can be done for functional or purely aesthetic reasons. If you are downsizing and have more framed art than wall space, you can lean one piece in front of another to consolidate your collection. Overlapping framed art adds dimension and interest, as well as bringing a new look to the art itself.
Once your art and memorabilia has been framed, it needs to be displayed. Although it is popular today to lean pictures here and there, the most common home for frames is still on the wall. The two main things to focus on will be visual placement and making sure they are hung securely, for your safety as well as the safety of the framing itself.
Even the most beautiful pieces of framed art can still look awkward if they are not hung logically.  Some of the key considerations are:
•Choosing framed art that fits the space where it will hang.
•Hang frames in reasonably close proximity to the furniture below it to create unison.
•Hang frames at eye level for maximum viewing pleasure, keeping in mind people stand in foyers and halls and sit in many other spaces so that height can vary.

When hanging art you can get a good idea of how it will look by cutting out a piece of paper the same size as the outer edge of the frame and taping it to the wall. It is much easier to move the paper around than to change the positioning of the actual frame. On that same paper, you can make marks where you want to place your wall hooks. Then install the hooks over the paper and then tear the paper away.