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Frame Gallery is excited to introduce Artaissance to our customers. A new online art buying experience featuring more than 3,300 unique giclee selections from more than 140+ artists. You can customize the size of the art as well as determine if it is printed on paper or canvas. The art can truly be a reflection of your personal style as well as work perfectly within your space.

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Customizable online art featuring giclees on paper or canvas.    412-784-9289

Art That Fits Your Style.  It is a new online art buying experience curated by Larson-Juhl. Artaissance features more than 3,300 unique giclee selections from more than 140+ artists. Giclees (pronounced Zhee Clay) are vibrant, high-quality art reproductions based on an advanced printmaking technology where images are generated from high resolution digital scans and then printed with archival inks onto high quality canvas or paper. These value-priced works appeal to those who possess an astute taste for fine art and enjoy furnishing their homes tastefully. Click here to view 'What Is A Giclee' for more information.

You can customize the size of the art as well as determine if it is printed on paper or canvas. The art can truly be a reflection of your personal style as well as work perfectly within your space and budget. Have your artwork shipped to our custom picture framing shop here in Pittsburgh.

Custom Art for your home, office, anywhere.

Yet another service that Artaissance provides, which lends great confidence during a significant purchase, is the knowledge that each piece printed on paper is embossed with the Artaissance chop mark to prove authenticity. With canvas reproductions the chop mark is stamped on the back of the canvas, and a certificate of authenticity also accompanies each limited edition piece.

 Order from our store locally or from the comfort of your home by clicking here.  You can simply order online and have it delivered directly to Frame Gallery Inc. for free or shipped to your home for a $15.00 shipping fee that Artaissance will charge.

At Frame Gallery we offer a variety of custom-framing options that can add a spectacular finishing touch to your art selections while protecting the artwork, too.

The Artaissance 30 day Return Guarantee;  Your satisfaction is very important to us. Within 30 days of receipt, if you are not 100% satisfied with your art purchase, we will either arrange to have your art replaced OR refund your purchase price.

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A. Pell 
studied classical painting in the European tradition,
earning a Master's Degree from the Nicolai Pavlovich Academy of Fine Art in 1987. He began his artistic career focusing his interest on, and developing his skills by, studying Mediterranean landscapes. In 1990, Pell moved to Canada, where he was newly inspired by the landscapes of North America.

Pell has always loved traditional painting, and particularly
to express the infinitely various moods of nature. It is
vital to him that his paintings capture not only the
physical landscapes, but its atmospheric qualities as well.
The artist prefers subjects in which light and color create
the mood. His landscapes are delicate and poetic, enveloping
the fine balance of their subjects.
Artaissance presents A. Pell's gallery. 

Sue Gillette
was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1960. She grew up in the
Woodstock and Rhinebech areas of New York in the sixties and
seventies and lived in Ossining, New York until she moved to
Phoenix in 1991. Her family has been a creative influence
for Susan. Her father is a sculptor, her mother writes
poetry, her brother John is a talented cartoonist and
another brother, Robert, is an accomplished potter.

Susan has traveled extensively in and around the art worlds
of Europe, particularly in England and France. Her love of
sailing, white-water rafting, camping and biking are
apparent in the colors she uses in much of her work.

Sue Gillettes Art Gallery. 

Mary Margaret Briggs 
spent her 20s and 30s designing textiles for the fashion
industry. She returned to the Seattle area in 2001, settling with her
family on Vashon Island. It was then that Briggs decided to
pursue a life-long dream to begin work as an artist.

Her artwork has two distinct influences; the time she spent
living and traveling in Asia, and the lush setting of her
island home. Her printmaking utilizes the botanical elements
of the surrounding landscape, with a color palette that
reflects each seasonal variation. Her background in fashion
and textiles evidences itself through the color palettes she

Mary Margaret Briggs Art Gallery. 

Drawing on his love of nature and spirituality, he makes
meditative paintings that are both authentic and profound,
both uplifting and healing.

Speaking of his art, OM has said: “My art is meditation. My artistic works fuse the rich tradition of European classical painting with Oriental simplicity, resulting in a timeless quietude reminiscent of Zen meditation. They are paintings for the mind as much as for the eye, mappings of mystical territories into which I offer peaceful experiences of the infinity and richness of nature."
Zen Meditation Art by OM.

Larry Miller
 The California landscape has always held a fascination for
Miller, and his landscape paintings focus on both the
mountain and coastal regions of his home state.

His work has been exhibited widely, including showings at
the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Oakland Museum,
Monterey Peninsula Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of
Modern Art, Zellerbach Kqed Silver Anniversary Exhibit and
the Baseball Hall of Fame. Larry Miller’s home and studio are both currently located in Pebble Beach, California.
Larry Miller Artwork Pebble Beach California.  

Nicole Sloan
Sloan’s images are the artifacts of her singular way of
softening the world, opening it up, creating an unguarded
moment from which she extracts images of startling clarity
and resonance. “I am a very passionate person and I rely on
the internal for my photographs. I want to bring out the
emotion in both people and things - a softer side, a glimpse
into how I would like people to view the world.”

 Nicole works from her studio in McDonough, Georgia, a small country town where tree lined streets offer endless
inspiration. “I was taught by my mother to see the beauty in
small things - the everyday that most people overlook.
Photography is a very natural process for me, I never fret
about how to approach a flower, it just seems to come to me
from within and that feels good.”
Nicole Sloan Art Gallery. 

Tom Vieth
 “My vision in painting is to create images of places I would
like to be and pleasant feelings I would like to feel. I
hope to present these places in such a way that the specific
location is not as important as is the sense that the viewer
has experienced a similar place or felt the feeling that is
represented by the image.”

The most obvious influences on his work are French artists
Cezanne, Matisse, and Dufy. American painters Milton Avery,
Marsden Hartley and Maurice Prendergast and the German
painter Max Beckman have also been influential. “All of
these painters are colorists and present images that
transcend the time and place of the scenes they depict. As
an artist, what I appreciate even more than their masterly
use of color and line is the boldness and confidence
expressed in the images they create.”
French Art by Tom Vieth 

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